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Entrepreneur's grand meeting Microsoft accelerator Demo Day
Source:      Date:2018-01-25
Speaking of accelerators, the first thing you can see in your mind is the application tools to accelerate the network. But for entrepreneurs, Microsoft accelerator means hope and future.
Entrepreneur's grand meeting Microsoft accelerator Demo Day
In January 24th, Microsoft accelerator 10 Beijing Demo Day and industry transformation and Innovation exchange conference were held in Zhongguancun fashion industry innovation park. There are more than 400 core venture capital agencies, 120 media people, 500 industry partners, 500 top international and central enterprises, and state-owned enterprises representatives. They are full of various commercial uncertainties.
Microsoft accelerator is not a platform built by Microsoft for domestic entrepreneurs. It is a global project, which is committed to help powerful start-ups achieve rapid growth from 1 to 10. Globally, the Microsoft accelerator has helped 764 start-ups, 83% of which have been successful in investing more than $3 billion 600 million.
Entrepreneur's grand meeting Microsoft accelerator Demo Day
"Microsoft has been rooted in China for more than 20 years. Our mission, vision and ambitions reflect the purpose of becoming an innovative partner of China," said CEO, chief executive of Microsoft Greater China. Microsoft is willing to link up capital, government and industry leaders with innovative entrepreneurs and partners to create more potential and potential impact of every individual and organization in China.
Microsoft wants to build its own industry innovation system based on its core. Through its own resource advantages, no start-ups can empower, help them grow rapidly and create value for the global society.
In order to help enterprises to accelerate the growth of alumni as a new industry giant, Microsoft accelerator Beijing from tenth beginning in Chinese, first proposed the demand from the industry, applied to the industry to go "strategy, continue to open sharing attitude, to create" Microsoft accelerator innovation eco system, attracted more and more Microsoft customers cooperation and win-win, together with the accelerator.
Entrepreneur's grand meeting Microsoft accelerator Demo Day
This conference, a total of 10 emerging Internet giants came to the stage to give speeches, covering industries including hot chain, video, UAV and future vision in the Internet.
Since the establishment of Microsoft accelerator in 2012, the global Microsoft accelerator has helped 764 start-ups, and 83% of them have successfully invested in total, which exceeds 3 billion 600 million US dollars. As of January 2018, 200 innovative enterprises in China had joined the Microsoft accelerator. The 200 alumni businesses had a total valuation of more than 85 billion 487 million yuan, and the growth rate of valuation was more than 400% on average, 4 of them were listed on the new three boards, and 14 were annexed and purchased. Microsoft accelerator has been named "China's best creation space" for 5 consecutive years. Its alumni products and services cover over 1000 000 business customers and 700 million users in China.      Baidu      360 search      Tencent      NetEase      Chinese Yahoo      google      SOSO      Website      Sina Weibo     
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