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Occupation planning

For a new employee, the company will be based on the characteristics of the post and the skills andtraining of different culture. The human resources department issued a regulation process, the organization of professional instructor team, develop course, basic knowledge, product knowledge,professional building, corporate culture and other aspects of the training for new employees.

Job skills and professional direction has the foundation, the company will be based on the trend of personal ambition and ability to perform at work, preliminary planning of career development planning, personal. For R & D personnel, SINFOR provides the development path of technical experts, technology executives dual channel. Technical experts focus on technology development and innovation, to solve technical problems; technology executives grasp the project direction and product planning, lead the team to complete the task; similarly, the customer service staff,marketing staff, convinced also provides business direction, the direction of two kinds ofmanagement personnel training direction.

The work is divided into core quality, professional quality, the quality of leadership in three, withtraining in different ways to the right person. Such as through the tutorial system, makecorresponding training with the same type of talent, the rapid increase in. The main technical routeof talent, the company through technical training, the actual project experience, technical cattlebetween learning, strengthen the technical talents of the proud post ability and the sense of achievement; to take the route technology management talent, technical ability in the accumulationphase when the company will be the leading training. R & D team, leading the operation of the project, and the customer and market colleagues, the accumulation of the project, the ability to control, and constantly improve its leadership.

The career development planning is not static, closed loop process of education to improve theselection, training, by appointment, use, and constantly adjust the direction of career developmentand personal development, so that companies and individuals to choose the best.



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