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Most advanced unlocking experience X20Plus screen prints will be released tomorrow
Source:      Date:2018-01-23
As early as the beginning of the month, the mobile phone with "vivo X20Plus UD" passed 3C certification and Ministry of credit certification. It was also speculated whether it was a screen fingerprint or a three defense version. Next to the CES 2018 exhibition held in January 10th, vivo formally published the screen fingerprint technology of the mass production version, and the prototype is the same type of vivo X20Plus. Today, vivo Officially Announces the world's first screen handset, the X20Plus screen fingerprint, which means a further step into the market this month.
The most advanced unlocked X20Plus screen print edition will be released tomorrow
Vivo will hold a fingerprint edition of the X20Plus screen in the central hall of 751D? PARK, Beijing, on January 24th. According to the known message, the vivo X20Plus screen fingerprint is improved based on X20Plus. The biggest difference in appearance design compared to the ordinary version is that the postscript fingerprint identification module is not available, which makes the whole machine seem more concise, integrated and fashionable. At the same time, vivo also provides more possibilities for the future design of full screen phones, and the "Liu Haiping" and "ordinary fingerprints" worry can be left behind.
The most advanced unlocked X20Plus screen print edition will be released tomorrow
On the technical basis, the screen fingerprint of vivo X20Plus is based on the Synaptics photoelectric fingerprint scheme. The principle is that when the finger touches the screen, the light emitted from the OLED screen passes through the cover plate to illuminate the fingerprint texture. The fingerprint reflects the light through the screen to reach the sensor, and finally forms the fingerprint image to identify it. Its characteristics are high speed and security, and meet the demand of mobile payment.
The most advanced unlocked X20Plus screen print edition will be released tomorrow
On the interaction, the vivo screen fingerprint is characterized by no pressing buttons and directly clicking the screen with a finger. The fingerprint unlock will appear in all the scenes where the fingerprint is required to appear in a guided graphic UI, which can be identified by the fingerprint area in the screen. Without the need for fingerprint, the graphics UI will be stealth without affecting the vision, allowing the interaction and beauty to be unified.
The most advanced unlocked X20Plus screen print edition will be released tomorrow
From a comprehensive perspective, vivo X20Plus's screen fingerprint not only breaks away from the design difficulties of ordinary fingerprint, but also realizes the speed, interaction and security requirements of fingerprint recognition. It has great advantages and will become one of the best solutions for mobile phone's unlocking in the full screen era. With the arrival of the January 24th media tasting meeting, what sparks will vivo be able to wipe the screen with a comprehensive screen? Users are waiting for this a "moment of change" to come by, vivo really has to lead the future.
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