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Domestic flight mobile phone can open airline company rules you have to understand
Source:      Date:2018-01-22
According to the CAAC's guideline for the evaluation of portable electronic devices (PED), major airlines at home and abroad recently announced information about mobile phones on the aircraft. At present, including 10 airlines, including Hainan airlines, China Eastern Airlines, lucky air, China Southern Airlines, Shandong airlines, Xiamen airlines, Spring Airlines, Sichuan airlines, Shenzhen airlines, Chongqing airlines, has basically been determined their flights can use the mobile phone in the machine, and Air China also said in the process to go, will soon be on using a mobile phone on the plane for.

The domestic flight ban mobile phone
The foreign flights use the mobile phone was a long time ago, the research also suggests that disruption of the normal mobile phone signal for modern aircraft is caused by very small, so far did not happen due to mobile phone signal interference accident. For domestic flights, they have not been open to use mobile phones on the plane for safety reasons, but after such a long struggle, they can finally use mobile phones on planes, of course, they must use the flight mode. Here we are going to have a look at some of the major domestic airlines' attention to the use of mobile phones on the plane.
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