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Millet 7 back rendering first aeration: Glass fuselage + postposition fingerprint
Source:      Date:2018-01-21
As the most expected product in 2018, the news of millet 7 has been not very clear, the appearance is more broken and confused. Now naijatechguide foreign media exposure to a suspected millet 7 back renderings, people can not help but fall into a reverie.
Millet 7 rendering first aerated glass fuselage + postposition fingerprint
This rendering shows that Xiaomi 7 will continue to use the four curved glass fuselage and dual camera configuration. It may be the reason of the full screen. Instead of the pre finger recognition, it chooses the regular post fingerprint recognition. Of course, the authenticity of the picture remains to be further confirmed in view of the fact that the news is limited.
Summary of the current news, millet 7 confirmed to be equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 mobile platform, and is most likely to be the first in China, running memory 6GB start, new wireless charging function.
Millet 7 rendering first aerated glass fuselage + postposition fingerprint
It is worth mentioning that millet is going to take part in the MWC 2018 held in February, and whether millet 7 will appear in this exhibition is worth looking forward to.
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