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Full screen double flagship and 5T
Source:      Date:2018-01-20
From January 18th, the full screen double flagship one plus 5T full line products were opened in the official network and the Jingdong mall. One plus 5T is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 835 processor and the highest 8GB storage capability, equipped with 18:9 full-screen and 20 million pixel +1600 million pixel HD full color dual cameras.
Full screen double flagship and 5T full line open purchase
After the release of 5T, it won a lot of high praise from the media at home and abroad. Users also praise the performance of this full screen double photo flagship. Jingdong mall has added more than one hundred and forty thousand 5T products, and the rate of praise is still 100%.
Full screen double flagship and 5T full line open purchase
5T performance is strong, and through the combination of soft and hard to the user to bring a more light, smooth use of the experience. On the hardware side, one plus 5T has the monster - level configuration, the top high pass 835 processor and the largest 8GB, and the double 8 combined firepower. On the software side, the hydrogen OS has been upgraded fully, bringing a series of software optimizations, such as startup acceleration, front acceleration, backstage control and so on. Thanks to these, one plus 5T has no pressure on all the big hand travel, the high frame rate mode does not frame, and the operation is smooth and smooth. A plus 5T uses a 20 million +1600 megapixel high definition full color double camera lens, a double f/1.7 large aperture, a dual core focus, and a good picture on the portrait and night scene.
Full screen double flagship and 5T full line open purchase
Appearance, one plus 5T with 6.01 inch full screen 18:9 screen design, when the front like a piece of black jade. A 5T industrial design by Liu Zuohu summed up as "touch design, smart, fit the palm of the back arc arc and a week around the body line, allowing users to be able to feel a unique feel and texture 5T.
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