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Ten big rumours of a circle of friends in 2017 to see how many of you believe
Source:      Date:2018-01-19
I believe you will see all kinds of articles in your friends circle every day. Some of you can't live without headlines. Some of you can't believe from rumors. And WeChat official also announced ten big rumors for us in the 2017 circle of friends, to see how many you have seen and a few letters.
Ten big rumours of a circle of friends in 2017 to see how many of you believe
1, laver is made of plastic: from the beginning of February this year, the emergence of a large number of "plastic laver" video, while shooting the seaweed bubble open, while telling you this is not laver instead of plastics in order to further confirm the laver is false, there are people with lighter burning hands of laver.
2, open the "virus" Trump stroke image: just received if you receive the "Trump stroke" picture, please don't open, delete immediately, has now confirmed that this is South Korea extreme youth network attack, Chinese computer and mobile phone, the computer will lose all information, please send to their in the group, let each other. It's been a man! (emergency forwarding).
3, "little friend Gallery" H5 investor is suspected of fraud: in August 29th, a H5 named "little friend Gallery" was quietly spreading in many people's circle of friends. The content is: users who take part in activities to spend one yuan to buy a picture of an autistic child is equivalent to donating to the public welfare project of "Tencent art lit life" on the public welfare platform of the Tencent. Subsequently, the project was sent out of the project suspected of "investor deception" news.
4, some people use plastic to make fake rice: Recently, a video of two minutes is spread on the WeChat platform. In video, a man keeps putting plastic bags into a machine. After melting, drawing and cutting, a granular solid white solid is produced. The video is equipped with a word name, which is the process of making fake rice.
5, picked up a wallet, find the owner: help to look, my friend picked up a wallet, there is an identity card: Wei Weijian, card more than 10, about 8000 yuan in cash, 2 plane tickets, Wei Weijian, Wei Qiaoying, the plane ticket is acquired, we help spread, gifts of roses, hand there., positive energy transfer, please contact the owner: 13*********, who is the group, to help turn it
6, 100 Gang grab the child, parents steal organs: see: yesterday Tanghai stolen three children, big Pei Zhuang also lost two children to a stranger just put the child dizzy, fortunately Hu Yuntian discover two people stealing children caught up in the police station, now closed. According to their account, this time they sent more than 100 dragons to steal seven years old or above children's organs, such as kidneys and so on. Today, Dingxing County stole 5 children, minimum 4 years, maximum 12 years old, is now the city of martial law. Hair in the WeChat circle, remind your parents, children play, and always pay attention to play. The child was lost. Please take care of your baby! Yesterday dinner, a woman in Daxinzhuang, a child of more than 1 years old, was snatched and noticed by 3 suspects. J68815 Audi car, robbing children at the entrance of each school!!! 110 has been confirmed by R! The city is wanted! Do not seek a point of praise only to spread! King Zhuang grab the child is real, the friend said the emergency notice: Please note: children are adults to take care of home, from Sanya to the more than 100 foreigners, we have to double Tuo Cun Tangshan City Da Xin Zhuang Fengnan special steal children, area has lost more than 20. The anatomy of the 7 children in the chest, take the organ. Usually on the street and turn to the stranger, the van, the food of the car, the old appliances, with a black mask, wearing black trousers, not complete Mandarin, inside of which there are some young women, if there is a way, don't stop the pace, not to answer them. It's true that all the people you receive are going to pass them down. Let more people know that it could save the lives of a few children once. This is the teacher from the East horse camp school. Life is precious! It's horrible。 Whether or not it is true or false, parents in the home must be optimistic about their baby.
7, eat crab after drinking yogurt or eating bananas will be poisoned: everyone is home to tell the kids, eat crabs and prawns don't drink yogurt, do not eat bananas, poisoning, has been on the news, did not have a child until the hospital went, no matter whether you have a child to be forwarded, don't the difference of 35 seconds. Forward reminders, refusing indifference.
8, children drown as long as they boycott Christmas, because this is a memorial to kill Chinese people for less than an hour, and it can be revived by "back to back" method. If you see it, please copy it down, children can only survive for an hour without drowning. The weather is hot and the stream is more attractive. Two drowning children were rescued from the river. The child is no longer breathing, and the villagers use the local first aid, clutching their children's feet, and running with their children. A few minutes later, the little boy spit out a few words of water and weep wow. For ten minutes again, the little girl was pulled back from the hands of death. Summer vacation arrived, I do not know how many children to swim, see the invitation to go down, may be able to save a lot of people.
9. The top secret recipe for blood vessel thrombosis:
When a British citizen went to a meeting in Pakistan, he suddenly had a sharp pain in his chest, which was later proved by the hospital, and his three cardiovascular system was already serious.
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