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2018 - 1
Mobile phone shutdown early warning map release cold frozen hand more frozen mobile phone
Recently, an early warning map of mobile phone shutdown was released in China Weather Network. The small partners in the North believe that all the mobile phones are running
2018 - 1
Entrepreneur's grand meeting Microsoft accelerator Demo Day
Speaking of accelerators, the first thing you can see in your mind is the application tools to accelerate the network. But for entrepreneurs, Microsoft accelerator means hope and future.
2018 - 1
Straight down 1200 yuan / hand slow! The preferred set of special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival
At the moment, more than half a month will come to the Spring Festival. The year end award of the little editor is in place. In place! The most difficult thing in this bone
2018 - 1
Most advanced unlocking experience X20Plus screen prints will be released tomorrow
As early as the beginning of the month, the mobile phone with "vivo X20Plus UD" passed 3C certification and Ministry of credit certification. It was also speculated whether it was a screen fingerprint or a three defense version.
2018 - 1
Domestic flight mobile phone can open airline company rules you have to understand
According to the CAAC's guideline for the evaluation of portable electronic devices (PED), major airlines at home and abroad recently announced information about mobile
2018 - 1
Millet 7 back rendering first aeration: Glass fuselage + postposition fingerprint
As the most expected product in 2018, the news of millet 7 has been not very clear, the appearance is more broken and confused. Now naijatechguide fo
2018 - 1
Full screen double flagship and 5T
From January 18th, the full screen double flagship one plus 5T full line products were opened in the official network and the Jingdong mall. One plus 5T is equipped with
2018 - 1
Ten big rumours of a circle of friends in 2017 to see how many of you believe
2018 - 1
One plus 3 has been added to the face recognition function for major updates
In the previous period, a Canadian co - founder, Carl Pei, announced by tweet that a handset 3 and a handset 3T would also have facial recognition.
2018 - 1
The conscience of Tencent here old user feedback free flow / call
Traffic card is nearly a year by the users attention topic, the Tencent here is due to price concessions, welcome broad audience from the user. Recently
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